Monday, August 11, 2008

Move along, nothing to see here, pay your taxes

I love the "hey, it could be worse!" tone of today's Boston Globe editorial "Taxachusetts no more." There's a middling chance that fed-up Bay State voters will repeal the state income tax in a ballot question this November. The Globe thinks it's a rotten idea.

Not to worry, Boston Globe, everybody knows we don't really live in a democracy here:

An initiative petition is intended to be binding if it passes, but the Legislature has found ways to buck the will of the people in the past. In 2002, lawmakers halted a gradual income tax rollback approved by voters two years earlier, prompting howls that they were bucking an edict from the populace. And though voters passed a ballot question in 1998 that called for publicly funded campaigns, the Legislature famously refused to pay for them.
Citizens trying to set public policy? Go back to England, Puritan!

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