Monday, August 25, 2008

He's probably said something about you - I tend to agree with the Professor here: Joe Biden's former praise of John McCain means close to nothing. First of all, Joe Biden talks so much, he's bound to say something about everybody. And, as Dr. T points out, do we really want a Washington where politicians are unable to praise a colleague for fear that it will boomerang back in the future? Most Americans understand this (I hope.)

Extra - David Ignatius, circa 1995: "Listening to Biden, you sense how hungry he is to be president, but you have little idea what he would do, other than talk...and talk." See?


clyde said...

i agree with your point - we would prefer people to be able to criticize and praise in the moment, rather than have to be concerned with how it may bite them later. biden's praise does, however, seem to curtail his ability to take a strong stance to the contrary now.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Biden's spoken record is just DEVASTATING to his upcoming campaign rhetoric. The Obama-Biden feud is the most legendary bad blood in American political history.

And when we recall how the Presidential aspirations of Clinton, Reagan and Kennedy were torpedoed by their former critics Gore, Bush, and Johnson, we can consider Joe Biden effectively muzzled. Game over.