Friday, August 22, 2008

Or it might just be the Domino's guy - CNN political ticker: "Activity at the Bidens." Well, I'm sure he's not watching tonight's NASCAR race.

Update - The AP says it's Biden. What a terrible pick. We now have the "all talk" ticket and Americans are going to wonder why the candidate of "change" picked one of the most old-school Senators in Washington.

More - Did I mention he's an arrogant jerk? So he's a good fit for the Obama ticket.

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Anonymous said...

This is the hugest, most game-changing impact decision of ultimate significance in the history of ever.

The only thing that could conceivably top it is McCain's bounce-killer Vice Presidential announcement, which has the potential to singlehandedly deliver a critical battleground state to the GOP.

It will be in the tradition of the other memorable election-tilting VP picks of the past, such as... uh... and then there was... er... anyway, stay tuned to 24-hour cable news and never, ever stop watching it.