Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cats and dogs living together

Or, in which I agree with Big Tent Democrat:

Boy, is John Zogby shameless. He'll massage his numbers anyway he can to get attention. And he does so in his latest Presidential poll.
There's no doubt that Obama's numbers have slipped, but John "Kerry will win!" Zogby is just looking for a headline. Again.


Brian said...

I don't care about polls to begin with. When I saw it was Zogby, I really didn't give the poll credence.

With that being said, Obama is going to get rolled. I don't need Zogby or anyone else to poll that for me to know. No one America elects a one-world Socialist.

Anonymous said...

That being the case, imagine how confident you'll become when a real poll shows McCain finally cracking the magic 45% threshold.