Sunday, August 17, 2008

Litigation nation

Well, I just got back from camping in New Jersey. The campground we've been visiting for the past three years has a new policy: no bicycles. They've been operating since 1954 with no problems but last year there were two claims made and the insurance company told the campground to get rid of the bikes. In addition, a whole range of activities have new restrictions such that (for example) my kid can't go feed animals at the farm without an adult present. Or play billards. Or rent sports equipment.

The place had a lifelessness without kids biking around. Plus, I noticed quite a few of the seasonal campers (those who leave their RVs at the campground all summer) had packed up, leaving empty spaces. It's a shame.

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She Rose Up said...

So true, so sad. Do you remember (it's sometimes hard to remember to this point) back when Bush ran in 2000, before 9/11 had happened...part of his platform that I was thrilled about was to stop over the top law suits....then life happened and that was a distant memory. We had many more things to be dealing with from 9/11 on....

Maybe you all will be able to find a new spot....

And maybe if McCain gets office, a grassroots effort could make ridiculous lawsuits some how less likely.

Take care. I haven't been over in a while. It was so reassuring to see you have not gotten on the Obama bandwagon!