Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Spend, spend, and no tax (!) in Massachusetts

Boston Globe "Patrick signs $3b bill to fix bridges":

The condition of roads and bridges has been a perennial problem in Massachusetts, which has one of the oldest transportation infrastructures in the nation, with 200 bridges that were built in the 19th century. In addition, payments for the Big Dig have sucked maintenance and repair money away from repair programs.
Of course, it's easy to spend money. Will Deval Patrick have the fortitude to take the Globe's advice and "Veto this pension ploy"?

The expensive cost-of-living increase in public employee pensions passed in the waning hours of this legislative session is even more fiscally irresponsible than it first seems. Although most state workers and teachers are not eligible for Social Security and deserve pensions that sustain them in their retirement, the Legislature's proposal is just too expensive for the state to afford. Governor Patrick should veto the legislation and take another look at a possible adjustment next year.
If Governor Patrick can't hold the line on Massachusetts' out-of-control pensions, he should prepare for a tax revolt.

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