Thursday, July 03, 2008

You and me both Lileks

The other day, incomparable writer James Lileks reviewed "Wall-E" and noted:

I say this as someone who's become horribly vulnerable to the Disney brand, too. We could sit down and have a long talk about the company's machinations and marketing skill and evolution into the merchandising Leviathon [sic] it's become, but it doesn't matter when I'm in a big dark room and the Castle appears in twilight on the screen, reflected in the imaginary water, glowing in the imaginary dusk.
For reasons that probably have to do with re-capturing my own childhood, I've subordinated retirement savings and college funds to a periodic vacation to Disney World. The conservative in me screams "the cost!" but then the softie in me just wants to walk down Main Street and take a spin on "Test Track." There is no other expenditure on this Earth that makes me open my wallet so willingly and it's a foreign, yet irrepressible, compulsion.

Any other Disney fans out there? I know it's not just me.

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JD said...

Disney fan? I bought into their time share. . . . Need I say more?