Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh no he didn't

From Jonah Goldberg: "Ego-bama, swallow some of that pride"

The overarching theme to his entire campaign - "We are the ones we've been waiting for," and all that - is that voting for Obama is proof of the cosmic superiority of ... Obama voters.

In a speech in Madison, Wis., Obama told his supporters that rallying to his cause was today's equivalent of the "greatest generation" rallying to defeat Hitler and Tojo. Oprah merely calls him, "The One," saying he will help us "evolve to a higher plane."

Someone get that man one of those "I'm Kind of a Big Deal" T-shirts.
Wow. Some former Obama supporters are wondering just what was in that Kool-Aid:

How does anyone know what Obama really believes or, even more problematic, what beliefs he'll decide are worth expending political capital on once he's elected?

We don't. I think that's a direct consequence of his having campaigned on generalities like change.
Hat tip to Flopping Aces, which has more. I think I've written before that Obama's message of change is only going to take him so far once voters start asking what exactly it means. Maybe we're already seeing the fading halo as, even with all the headwind against McCain, the latest polls are showing the race is a dead heat.

Jann Wenner! We need another cover!

More - PowerLine: "The resistible rise of Barack Obama"


Anonymous said...

In a speech in Madison, Wis., Obama told his supporters that rallying to his cause was today's equivalent of the "greatest generation" rallying to defeat Hitler and Tojo.

What the hell is Goldberg gurgling about? The lack of a direct quote is the obvious warning sign.

Here's the full text of Obama's speech in Madison, Wis. Good luck finding a peep about Hitler, Tojo, or even Colonel Klink:

What a buffoon. Goldberg even paints Obama as snooty because of THE ARROGANT NAME OF THE STADIUM where he'll be accepting the nomination ("Mile High"). These are desperate end times over at

Anonymous said...

"But I also understand that nothing worthwhile in this country has ever happened unless somebody somewhere is willing to hope, when somebody is willing to stand up, somebody who’s willing to stand up when they’re told, “No, you can’t,” and instead they say, “Yes, we can.”

That’s how the greatest generation — that’s how the greatest generation, my grandfather fighting in Patton’s army, my grandmother staying at home with a baby and still working on a bomber assembly line, how that greatest generation overcame Hitler and fascism and also lifted themselves up out of a Great Depression."

Reading comprehension's not your strong suit. Also not your strong suit? Truth and basic fact.

Enjoy the acceptance speech at Nornberg, Obama Jungen - Wha? I'm sorry. I meant "Invesco Field" and "Obama supporters." My bad.

Anonymous said...

I was misinformed, and thus, 100% wrong. Mea maxima-culpas. Goldberg exaggerates about an alleged "equivalent," but the WW2 reference was there.

However, you've made a misassumption yourself. You'll notice that the above url link, which says "Here are Senator Obama's remarks (as prepared for delivery)," does NOT include the quoted comments. Presumably because they were extemporaneous. I won't throw a corny "reading comprehension" crack back at you, though. I mistakenly assumed that was the full text, because that's what "Obama + Madison + Hitler" gets you on Google (other than irrelevant links, or matches to Goldberg). Try it and see. Nonetheless, I got it wrong.

Anonymous said...

"I was misinformed."

Oh, so it was Google's fault. I see. Damned engine. That's odd - I've always been able to rely on random shit I search for on the internet for factual accuracy and completeness in the past.


Also, I made no "misassumption." I'm not the one that relied upon incomplete facts for an ad hominem.

However, feel free to proceed deluding yourself with whatever excuses fill the bill, if that's what it takes to live with yourself. Whatever works, dude.

Anonymous said...

Hey, dickweed. I used the magic word that no internet Republican seems to be able to say: "wrong." Twice. And I explained how it happened.

You joke that search engines are a tool of slipshod imprecision, even when calling up a direct link to Obama's prepared remarks. I guess you must have committed that two-paragraph Obama quote from your post to memory, huh?

You ended your last post with an "Obama = Hitler" comparison, and now you're upset about ad hominem attacks?

Anonymous said...

I made the comparison, because Obama is a fascist and his acolytes are personality cultists. The parallel stings, huh? Go cry to Godwin, disphit.

And you admitted you were wrong only to the extent that Democrats, "internet" or no, are able - "I was wrong, but it was [whatever I'm really going to attach blame to thereby eviscerating my "admission of (non-)guilt]'s fault." In other words, not at all, really. Yay. 'Ray. Good for you.

Don't get all pissy with me because your slipshod research skills bit you in the ass. You make my point for me - no, I didn't commit the asshole's words to memory. I found them readily on the very same fuckin' search engine you obviously need a tutorial in using.

I know it smarts, because once again your vapidity, reactionary nature and intellectual shallowness has been exposed by a mouth-breathing troglodytic "wingnut" like me. I'd think you'd be used to it by now, but it seems not.

Seek help.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'd be more into "Obama's a Nazi" analogies if I -- like you and yours -- were 1938 Poland.

Enjoy your anschluss... er, I mean, the election!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'd be more into "Obama's a Nazi" analogies if I -- like you and yours -- were 1938 Poland.

See, even you're starting to see it.

And you're comfortable with it.


Pflicht. Ehre. Sozialismus. Obama '08.

Anonymous said...

Don't be jealous, sweetheart. True, we may have the most popular politician of the decade, cashing in on his immense likeability with an iconic photo op, as a prelude to emphatically crushing your already-dead circle jerk dream of a "permanent Republican majority."

But it's not totally one-sided. You'll have Joe Lieberman. And that guy electrifies any audience.

Ooooh. My freude just got all hot and schadened.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd never be jealous of a fascist. Being right means the freedom to not regret losing.

You do realize we notice how you piss on the Auschwitz dead with such startling ease, right?

But of course you do, darling. You're proud of it.

Anonymous said...

"You're a chump for relying on the internet... and I'll prove it with a Google search."

"Enjoy Der Obama's Triumph of the Will speech... I just know my parallel stings, because you're a hater who makes casual Nazi references."

"Making fun of me is the same as mocking the dead."

Keep shining, Mr. Right. I was wrong about the quote, but I was oh so right to torment you.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome!

it's sweet to know I electrify you, much as Joe Lieberman so obviously does. Think of me fondly, since you obviously think of me often!

Farewell for now, Nazi internet fake-stalker.

Farewell? What am I thinking...

auf Veidersehen!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be awesome if you really WERE rubber, and the rest of the world was glue?