Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fuzzy math v. nanny state

Moderate Voice: "Social Security compare and contrast"

I find myself highly disappointed in both of the candidates' positions (or lack thereof) on this issue. I give full credit due to Obama for recognizing that something needs to be done and that it might involve some pain in the pocketbook to address it, but I will have to give a very, very halfhearted tip of my hat to McCain on this one. I would call on Senator McCain to firm up the specifics of his plan, (which may change my final decision) but the nanny state attitude and weak sister political waltzing around the tax issue by Obama scares me away from awarding him the point on this one.
When Social Security was started in the 1930s with a retirement age of 65, life expectancy for women was 62 and for men it was only 58. Yet three-quarters of a century later, any talk of bumping up the retirement age seems to be heresy.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly. It was never intended to be a retirement plan, and it can be 'saved' at no increased cost if we structure it to function as it was originally intended.