Thursday, July 03, 2008

Powering the state with good intentions, pixie dust

With much fanfare, Governor Deval Patrick signed some energy law saying everybody in Massachusetts has to use fluorescent light bulbs or something. Of course, there are unreachable goals:

Utilities will have to purchase a greater amount of their electricity from renewable power sources than under current law. By 2030, utilities would buy 25 percent of their power from renewables.

It is unclear whether that goal, one of the most ambitious in the nation, can be met, however. The current requirement of 3.5 percent has not been met, partly because of the difficulty in siting renewable projects. The utilities instead pay a fee to the state.
Proving once again that the Green movement is a modern-day religion, an earlier version of the law promoted coal gasification which is cleaner than regular coal-fired plants but this was rejected because it generates the sinful carbon dioxide. However, unless the Boston Globe article is incomplete, there isn't a whisper on nuclear energy which is the only reliable energy source that does not emit greenhouse gases.

Bring on the windmills.

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skeneogden said...

We're collectively circling the drain in this country led by people who haven't got a clue, but the voters will eventually wake up. They must.

My prediction....when people no longer have any money except for shelter, food and fuel they will awaken, and, with a vengeance.