Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Post title of the day - From Little Green Footballs: "The dreaded cute puppy dog of blasphemy." This is a greater insult than Burger King ice cream!


Anonymous said...

There are two quotes in the article, both from the same Muslim:

"My concern was that it's not welcomed by all communities, with the dog on the cards. It was probably a waste of resources going to these communities. They (the police) should have understood. Since then, the police have explained that it was an oversight on their part, and that if they'd seen it was going to cause upset they wouldn't have done it."

"People who have shops just won't put up the postcard. But the police have said to me that it was simply an oversight and they did not seek to offend or upset."

In a word... OUTRAGE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! Dogs? Are you serious? Those silly Muslim people certainly have some ridiculous customs!

Now, can we discuss something more sensible, like which politicians shouldn't be permitted to eat a small flat disk of bread made out of God?