Saturday, July 19, 2008

I think it's parody, but it feels so real - The Onion "Time publishes definitive Obama puff piece": "Hailed by media critics as the fluffiest, most toothless, and softest-hitting coverage of the presidential candidate to date, a story in this week's Time magazine is being called the definitive Barack Obama puff piece." Take that, Newsweek.

Extra - Charles Krauthammer is not as thrilled: "Nonetheless, has there ever been a presidential nominee with a wider gap between his estimation of himself and the sum total of his lifetime achievements?"


Anonymous said...

"has there ever been a presidential nominee with a wider gap between his estimation of himself and the sum total of his lifetime achievements?"

Sure, loads of them. Ever hear of Bill Clinton? Ronald Reagan? John Kennedy? Or a smug dry drunk legacy from Yale, class of '68?

Wishing you fellas the best of luck with this month's "Obama's too arrogant" meme. Bet it gets even more traction than "too liberal," "too risky," "too black," "too unknown," "too glib," "too disloyal," "too hopeful," "too young," or "too perfect" have.

Anonymous said...

Governor, Governor, Senator + war hero, Governor

Obama = 2 years of "work" in the Senate.

Dale said...


Don't forget his years as a community organizer.

JorgXMcKie said...

Pretty funny, anon. Are you going to refer to Obama as "former coke head"? After all, he admits his drug use.

And, for instance, Ronald Reagan, as a liberal Democrat, rescued his union, the Screen Actors Guild, from a Communist infiltration that our current 'Progressive' Stalinists still refuse (despite all the evidence released after the fall of the USSR) as even having existed.

Instead of name-calling (although generally appears to be the extent of the 'arguments' used by Obamaholics) why not simply mention all those achievements of Obama.

Oh. I forgot. There aren't any that he is willing to talk about.

Hard cheese for you, huh?

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton was a former State Attorney and governor for over a decade. Reagan led a union during some of it's toughest years (communists AND negotiating residual rights from the studios) and was a two term governor. Carter was a governor, nuclear engineer and a business owner. Ford had been in Congress for decades and a major player. Gore was a two term Senator and VP. Elder Bush was a VP, ambassador, and CIA head. Junior Bush was two term governor and ran a major league team. Nixon was a Senator and VP (who filled in for Ike during his illnesses). LBJ was a powerful Congressman for many years. Dukakis was a governor. Mondale was a long time Senator and VP. Kennedy was a Senator and decorated combat officer.

Heck, Obama makes Kerry like a titan of experience.

Obama resume is based on his ability to read a script well AND being black (even that ignores his white half and the Arab in his father's family). He's a complete fraud built up by corrupt Chicago politicians with an ego that is growing faster than a Hollywood celebrity.

Anonymous said...

The above Kerry crack inadvertantly supports the original point. Just holding a particular position, or winning a particular election is not automatically a hefty legacy of achievement. John Kerry's Senate tenure in 2004 was longer than the pre-WH experience of ANY of the Clinton-Reagan-JFK-GWB group, and the right's respect and admiration for Kerry's "qualifications" spoke/speaks for itself.

Reagan spent 8 years shouting about bad-smelling hippies and welfare bums. While his ideology was highly appealing to many, and eventually fruitful, his pre-1980 accomplishments were meager. When you have to play the "saved Hollywood from Uncle Joe Stalin" card in your first trick, you know you've got a losing hand.

Bush is a joke; the Texas Governorship is one of the nation's weakest by legislative design. "Ran a major league team"? Oh, dear. Vote Steinbrenner! But I'll generously assume that "war hero" was meant as a humorous aside.

Kennedy was an ineffective and insignificant Senator who was often absent or AWOL on important votes when he wasn't too physically infirm to go to work.

Clinton's Arkansas governorship is the most impressive resume of the four, but frankly, that's not saying much. He had some moderate successes of limited scope. These were wildly touted in 1991-92, of course.

You can try to mush them all together with men like Ford and LBJ and George Bush Sr., but it doesn't work. I'm not saying Obama has a lengthy record of accomplishment. He doesn't. I'm saying that that's not the least bit unusual in Presidential politics. It's not an indicator of how successful (or not) someone will be as President. And most importantly for you guys, it's not a point that has ever swung elections.

Anonymous said...

Correction. I meant to type "Kennedy... was often silent or AWOL..." Not that he was either absent or absent.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Anon - Kennedy was a "war hero" for getting his PT Boat sunk.

Reagan was non-deployable due to poor eyesight.

The point is that all of them, unlike Obama, held leadership positions in government or the military.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, yes, it's really a shame Obama has never held a leadership position in government. Shrewd catch, Smart Bram.