Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Mad as a hatter

Does a “K” name make you brain-addled? There’s Kennedy, Kerry, Kos, and now Krugman. His column today addresses mercury in the air, whines about policy, and limps in with an “apology” about maligning CNN.

Don Luskin cleans up the dirty air – with a nod to Gregg Easterbrook in the New Republic
Matthew Hoy has further commentary on Krugman’s Kos-style “correction.”

And here’s my two cents: Krugman has been bitching bitching bitching about job growth (or the lack thereof) nearly incessantly for two years. When job growth in February was a meager 21,000, Krugman wasted no time churning out a column titled “No more excuses on jobs.” But now job growth topped 300K in March – fastest growth in four years - and…what? Nothing. A re-hash of a flawed NYT Magazine article. Will Krugman wimp out again on Friday?

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