Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Wednesdays are for W

It’s been said that the country is now separated between people who think we’re at war and those who think we’re not. A subset of this is the separation between those who think the conflict in Iraq is part of the war against terrorism or a distraction. My feeling is that the “distraction” argument is untenable based on recent developments:

Since September 11, he [President Bush] has removed the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, begun to challenge the Middle East through support for consensual government, isolated Yasser Arafat, pressured the Europeans on everything from anti-Semitism to their largesse to Hamas, removed American troops from Saudi Arabia, shut down fascistic Islamic “charities,” scattered al-Qaida, turned Pakistan from a de facto foe to a scrutinized neutral, rounded up terrorists in the United States, pressured Libya, Iran, and Pakistan to come clean on clandestine nuclear cheating, so far avoided another September 11—and promises that he is not nearly done yet.

In many cases, these events occurred not because of fifty years of United Nations resolutions but because of two years of American force and fortitude.

Today is the day that the “Wictory Wednesday” bloggers ask readers to volunteer or donate to the Bush re-election campaign. Do what you can and visit the George W. Bush re-election web site. As always, I close with these words: it’s important. Thank you.

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