Friday, April 09, 2004

The Democrats' fortunes are inversely proportional to the economy

And the economy is improving. From the American Spectator:

To be sure, not all of the positive data we have seen over the past 10 months is due to the tax cuts passed in May 2003. A good part of this is likely due from the natural recovery coming off of the shock of 9/11, and bouncing back from the economic stagnation during the months of uncertainty leading up to the commencement of the war with Iraq. But the stimulative effects of the tax cuts, particularly in providing a boost to the stock market, and consequentially to consumer confidence, are undeniable. And unfortunately for John Kerry's presidential aspirations, the full effect of the tax cuts has probably only just started to take hold.

Thank you, Dems, for coining the phrase "It's the economy, stupid." It's gonna come in handy.

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