Saturday, April 17, 2004

Welcome Instapundit readers!

Wow, I was running errands all day and came back to a mini-Instalanche. The megaphone of the blogosphere, Glenn Reynolds, picked up on my story of John Kerry's missing Massachusetts state tax returns. I was afraid this story was going to fade away, but now I feel it may have new life. Thanks, Professor!

Bonus: Andrew Stuttaford on NRO's Corner chimes in

In Massachusetts, state taxpayers can choose an optional higher tax rate of 5.85% - instead of the normal 5.3%. Personally, if Kerry didn’t pay this extra, I wouldn’t blame the guy one bit, and, yes, he could make some ‘free rider’ arguments to defend his stance. Nevertheless, this could be something worth remembering next time you hear Kerry preaching about ‘the rich’ needing to contribute more.

You first, Senator.


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