Thursday, April 22, 2004

Into the heart of Europe

This blog will be on a brief hiatus as I will be traveling to France for the Photonics Europe conference where I will be presenting a paper on the super-exciting topic of “Aging behavior of optical fibers in aqueous environments.” Oh yeah!

The conference is being held in Strasbourg, France. One could make a compelling case that Strasbourg is about as European as Europe gets. The city is in eastern France, about a mile from the German border, and is the seat of the European Parliament. Allegedly, the culture and cuisine is a blend of French and German influences. There are so many jokes I could make based on that last statement…

In any case, I will be keeping a careful journal of the exploits of a brash, opinionated, conservative American deep in the heart of darkness Europe. If I’m able to get access to the Internet, I’ll try to post. Otherwise, there may be a long series of posts when I get back sometime next week. Au revoir, mes amis!

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