Sunday, April 18, 2004

Senator Splunge on “Meet the Press

You probably know my opinion, and I’ll have to see the transcript to lay out all my criticisms, but it was pretty revealing right from the first question (from memory):

Russert: “Yes or no, was the war in Iraq a mistake?”
Kerry: “It was a mistake the way the President conducted it.”

And that was the theme throughout the interview. There was almost no topic that didn’t need to be massaged or nuanced by Kerry. The man is opaque.

Extra: Daniel Moore did a live-blogging of the interview on Blogs for Bush.

It seems that after every question Sen. Kerry gets he just turns it around and makes it about someone else. Is this what we want in a commander-in-chief? Someone who passes the buck and blames other people? Someone who won't take a firm stand on anything? Someone who is "not wedded to anything" (as he said on energy policy)?

Yes, that was a telling moment. Russert set it up by saying (again, from memory) that the question he was asking on fuel-mileage standards might alienate voters in Michigan. Kerry has stated that he wants to raise MPG standards on vehicles to reduce dependence on foreign oil and help the environment; Michigan largely opposes this because it would cripple the American auto industry. Quite suddenly, Kerry’s “not wedded” to the energy standard and 35 MPG is a “goal.”

Believe me, America, this guy will say anything.

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