Thursday, April 15, 2004

Chicks dig Dubya

From the Center for Responsive Politics analysis: “Female donors to Bush and Kerry

Overall, President Bush has recorded far more female donors and has raised significantly more money from women than Sen. John Kerry. But when the number of female donors and their donations are looked at as a percentage of each candidate’s overall contributors and total fund-raising, Kerry holds an edge over his rival.

Through the end of February, Bush reported 28,333 female donors to his campaign, compared to 6,935 female contributors to Kerry’s campaign. The only Democratic candidate who reported more female donors than Kerry was Howard Dean, with 11,197 female donors. Dean ended his presidential campaign in February.

Bush pulled in over five times in fundraising from women than Kerry - $40.5 million vs. $7.7 million for Senator Splunge. Of course, now that Kerry is the presumptive nominee, that gap will probably narrow.

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