Tuesday, April 13, 2004

My snap take on Bush – B+

The media elite will hate his rhetoric (David Gregory is casting aspersions right now) but I thought Bush was resolute, determined, and (yes) presidential. He fell back on 9/11 a little too often but he also – correctly in my opinion – noted that Iraq is central to the war on terrorism, not a distraction. Best of all, he wasn’t nuanced, if you know what I mean.

The press seemed intent on getting him to admit a mistake. I’m sure the Dems will fault him for this, but he’s the President. He makes decisions based on the information available and, in the context of post-9/11, I find it hard to fault Bush on his point. Would any other President admit a mistake, while still in office? (Think Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor). Not a chance.

Extra: Poliblog thought the press conference needed more meat. But he also said this on Bush's statement: "He's right: if we fail in Iraq, our enemies would rejoice. Our weakness would breed more threats to our soil."

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