Monday, April 19, 2004

The rich should pay higher taxes…except me

With a hat tip to the Cracker Barrel Philosopher, here’s an article by Howie Carr which suggests that John “Soak the rich!” Kerry didn’t pay the extra tax on his Massachusetts return:

Weary of liberals always clamoring for higher taxes on other people, an anti-tax group managed to place a line on the tax form giving Bay Staters the option of paying at the old, since-repealed 5.85 percent rate, rather than at the current 5.3 percent rate.

For two years now, John Kerry has had the opportunity to pay his "fair share." But like some Benedict Arnold CEO, the Democratic Party candidate for president has taken the money and ran.

"Why do you even call asking about this?" his spokesman, Michael Meehan, said Saturday morning. "He has made the same decision as 99.9 percent of his fellow Massachusetts residents."

A little defensive, Mike? How much would it have cost Senator Splunge to set an example for his fellow millionaires? According to Carr, a measly $2,174.

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