Sunday, April 04, 2004

Kerry has no answers for rising gas prices

From the Washington Post editorial “Guzzling Gas Again”:

On the contrary, rather than responding directly to the "charge" of having proposed a gas tax increase 10 years ago, when it might have made sense, Mr. Kerry has gone on a dubious offensive. Speaking in San Diego, which (partly thanks to heavy California environmental regulations) has the highest gas prices in the country, Mr. Kerry blamed the president and said a Kerry administration would "act immediately to exert pressure on OPEC to abandon its cut in output quotas and instead increase oil supplies." It's hard to think what methods of persuasion a Kerry administration would have that a Bush administration doesn't. It's also hard to think of a more ineffectual means, in the long term, of bringing down gas prices than the senator's other suggestion: that the administration stop filling the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve. This, in fact, is precisely what the Clinton administration did in its waning months, to no discernible effect.

Like I noted below, it would be honest for John Kerry to say: “I supported a gas tax back then, but I think it’s a bad idea now.” Instead, he tries to inoculate himself from the issue with the lame argument that he never voted for a bill. He then proposes feel-good solutions that will do nothing to solve the gas price issue.

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