Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Just like that time I chose not to sleep with Britney

Here’s a line from John Kerry’s web site about how he bravely chose not to vote for legislation in support of a 50-cent gas tax increase:

BUSH FICTION: Bush Ad: Kerry “supported a 50-cent-a-gallon gas tax.”

FACT: John Kerry has never sponsored or voted for a 50 cent gas tax increase. When Sen. Charles Robb introduced legislation in 1993 that phased in a 50-cent increase, John Kerry chose not to vote for or co-sponsor this bill. (S. 1068, Introduced 5/28/93) [emphasis in original]

First of all, as I’ve noted before, it’s a fact that Kerry once supported a 50-cent-a-gallon gas tax. Second of all, there’s a reason Kerry “chose not to vote” for the Robb bill – it never came up for a vote!:

Gas Tax Measure Introduced By Sen. Chuck Robb (D-VA). Robb’s 1993 legislation would have imposed an “additional tax on motor fuels” by a “50-cent increase over the next 5 calendar years,” which is accomplished “10 cents a gallon in each calendar year.” The bill had no co-sponsors and never made it to a floor vote. (S. 1068, Introduced 5/28/93)

John Kerry: fighting for you with his non-votes!

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