Monday, April 05, 2004

Grifter Girls Gone Goofy for Graft

Lest we forget the standard operating procedure of Ted Kennedy’s massive taxpayer-funded boondoggle, here’s a reminder: “Federal agents search 2 Big Dig companies - US investigating use of sham firms

Federal agents searched the offices of two Big Dig subcontractors Thursday as part of a nationwide probe into large construction firms setting up sham firms with women or minority executives, in order to obtain lucrative public works contracts, federal and industry officials said yesterday.


From 2001 until last summer, PT Corp. of Lynnfield, a state-certified woman-owned business, had been in charge of dismantling the 1.5-mile elevated Central Artery. But the firm fell behind schedule and was replaced by Testa Corp., a major player in the demolition field.

PT Corp.'s chief executive is listed by the state as Pamela J. O'Brien. She is the sister of Steven Testa, who runs Testa Corp.

What a happy coincidence!

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