Friday, April 18, 2008

We report, you decide to vote for Obama - Politico: "Obama's secret weapon: the media" Yeah...big secret.

More - From Peter Wehner at Contentions: "There is an enormous double standard at play here, one rooted in the fawning regard many journalists have for Barack Obama. They have a deep, even emotional, investment in his candidacy. And, as we are seeing, they will turn on anyone, even their colleagues, who dare raise appropriate and searching questions - the kind journalists are supposed to ask. The reaction to Stephanopoulos and Gibson is a revealing and depressing glimpse into the state of modern journalism."


Anonymous said...

The Washington Post and the AP and Time Magazine and Reuters are hardly leftwing havens. And they all savaged Gibson and Stephanopoulis' asinine approach.

But it's much easier on tired minds to treat the near-universal denunciation as coming from all one big mushy ball of Obama-lovin' "MSM." 'Cause we know they're in bed with the moonbats.

Pretty sweet logic, though. The major media is a liberal hivemind -- except when it isn't -- which is when they "turn on their own."

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read the Wehner piece. Would the MSM allow John McCain a pass under similar circumstances?


JorgXMcKie said...

"The Washington Post and the AP and Time Magazine and Reuters are hardly leftwing havens." Yep, in Bizzaro world (or perhaps the alternate, evil Spock world) those are all reliably right wing stations.

Oops! I think I just broke my credulity bone. Somehow, the fact (tested by survey repeatedly) that over 80% of all working journalists (tv and print) vote Democratic *proves* that they're solidly just to the right of the Stalinist wing of the Democratic party.


Anonymous said...

Would the MSM allow John McCain a pass under similar circumstances? Unthinkable.

Maybe it is, if you don't think. Your scenario's not even a hypothetical; McCain HAS his own crazy-ass evangelical endorsers right NOW. John "God took His vengeance on New Orleans" Hagee, anyone? Rod "America was founded on destroying Islam" Parsley?

The lefty MSM has shown virtually no interest in grilling McCain about these supporters and advisers. Nor in making showboaty "do you denounce AND repudiate?" demands.

As for Dave, he's a loyal "big mushy ball of MSM" man, and he shall not be moved. He also seems to think that Joseph Stalin is a liberal ideal, which is pretty hilarious. (Not that that makes him the only conservative in town who thinks that rhetoric is reality, while actions are mere trivia.)

Anonymous said...

I think you'd agree that McCain's association was peripheral (at best) with pastors from Ohio and Texas.

Obama had a 20-year relationship with a Chicago pastor who preached "God Damn America" and (after 9/11) "the chickens have come home to roost"

Anonymous said...

Sure, but more peripheral -- or less -- than Barack Obama's tenuous link with the Weathermen?

Meanwhile, John McCain flips on his anti-evangelical stand and calls Rod Parsley a "spiritual guide," the media calls McCain a "maverick," and then they all enjoy some BBQ. That's some heavy-duty lefty media bias there.

It could easily be argued that because of his lack of history with the pastors, McCain's culpability (if any) is worse. Wright was a longtime associate of Obama's BEFORE making his hateful comments. McCain only sought a relationship with Hagee AFTER Hagee's equally hateful comments had already been made and were public record.

Given Obama's treatment, how do you think the media would cover a candidate (let's say Hillary Clinton) who COURTED Rev. Jeremiah Wright's support in the spring of 2008? Peter Wehner may be onto something about "an enormous double standard at play," but not the way he thinks.

Anonymous said...

Wright has likely been making hateful remarks before Obama became a member of that church. It's probably what attracted Obama to it.

And Obama's links with Ayers aren't tenuous. He launched his state senate campaign at Ayer's house.

Anonymous said...

Obama's link with the Weathermen -- which essentially ceased to exist when Obama was still a young teenager -- isn't tenuous. It's non-existent.

Good luck re-catching Sista Souljah in a bottle on that one.

Anonymous said...

MCCAIN: But how can you countenance someone who was engaged in bombings which could have or did kill innocent people…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator Obama says he was eight years old when that was happening.

MCCAIN: But he became friends with him and spent time with him while the guy was unrepentant over his activities as a member of a
terrorist organization, the Weathermen. I don’t — and then to compare him with Dr. Tom Coburn, who spends so much of his life bringing babies into this world — that, in my view is really — borders out outrage.

STEPHANOPOULOS: He also pointed out that he and Mr. Ayers have a very loose relationship. They live in the same neighborhood. There
was an organizing meeting many, many years ago, in his house. And he says, frankly, I don’t agree with these comments that Mr. Ayers made.

MCCAIN: Doesn’t agree with them? Does he condemn them?

Would he condemn someone who says that they’re unrepentant and wished that they had bombed more — and compare him to a doctor, one
of the great humanitarian — in my view, one of the greatest spokespersons for the rights of the unborn in America?

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, you say he should condemn these comments.


STEPHANOPOULOS: A lot of Senator Obama’s allies and others say that you should condemn the comments of Reverend John Hagee, an
evangelical pastor…

MCCAIN: Oh, I do. And I did. I said, any comments that he made about the Catholic church I strongly condemn, of course.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Yet you solicited and accepted his endorsement?

MCCAIN: Yes, indeed. I did. And I condemned the comments that he made concerning the Catholic church.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you’re going to hold onto his endorsement?

Your own campaign acknowledged that you should have done a better job of vetting Pastor Hagee.

MCCAIN: Oh, sure.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So was it a mistake to solicit and accept his endorsement?

MCCAIN: Oh, probably, sure. But I admire and respect Dr. Hagee’s leadership of the — of his church. I admire and appreciate
his advocacy for the state of Israel, the independence of the state of Israel.

I condemn remarks that are made that has anything to do which is condemning of the Catholic church, but — so…


STEPHANOPOULOS: … no longer want his endorsement?

MCCAIN: I’m glad to have his endorsement. I condemn remarks that are, in any way, viewed as anti-anything. But thanks for asking.