Friday, April 04, 2008

Smoke smoke smoke that cigarette

Jacob Sullum notes that, with new legislation, New York will now have the highest cigarette tax in the country:

So a pack of cigarettes that would cost, say, $4 without taxes will cost New Yorkers more than $9, most of which will go into city, state, and federal coffers. In other words, the government will be taxing a product disproportionately consumed by poor people at an effective rate of more than 100 percent, reaping bigger profits than anyone else from a business it simultaneously condemns as the foremost threat to public health. It can get away with this punitive levy because the people it's bleeding are an unpopular minority with little political influence. And what do we call this policy? Progressive.
Don't smoke kids, until you're an adult and then smoke...for the kids.

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Anonymous said...

Which will increase the already growing underground market in cigarettes.