Saturday, April 19, 2008

No arms for Mugabe

NY Times: "Zimbabwe arms shipped by China spark an uproar"

A Chinese ship loaded with armaments for Zimbabwe steamed into the port of Durban this week and set off a political firefight, putting newfound pressure on South Africa - and now China - to reduce support for Zimbabwe's government as it cracks down on its rivals after a disputed election.
Dock workers at the port, backed by South Africa's powerful unions, refused to unload the ammunition and weapons on Friday, vowing protests and threatening violence if the government tried to do it without them.
That's all that wrecked country needs.

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Anonymous said...

The lack of MSM coverage of this is sick, but not surprising. After all, because he stuck it to whitey, the MSM loves him. Who cares how many people had to die to steal whitey's farms?