Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mugabe falls back on old habits

From the Boston Globe: "Reports of violence spread in Zimbabwe"

Ten days after Zimbabwe voted and by most accounts rejected its long-serving, autocratic president, Robert Mugabe, the mood of the country grew more ominous yesterday. The opposition reported widespread attacks on its supporters, black youths drove white farmers off their, and elections officials were arrested on charges of vote tampering.

As Mugabe sought to cling to power beyond his 28th year in office, Zimbabwe's High Court began to weigh the opposition Movement for Democratic Change's demand for the immediate release of the presidential election results. They have still not been announced, but the opposition believes they will give it victory.
This is the African version of "L'etat c'est moi." Mugabe is 84 years old and must now view Zimbabwe as his and his alone, no matter how the people vote.

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Canny Media Watchdog said...

The lack of MSM coverage of this is sick, but not surprising. After all, because he stuck it to whitey, the MSM loves him. Who cares how many people had to die to steal whitey's farms?