Saturday, April 19, 2008

Obama slides - Gallup: "Gallup Poll Daily tracking shows that Hillary Clinton now receives 46% of the support of Democrats nationally, compared to 45% for Barack Obama, marking the first time Obama has not led in Gallup's daily tracking since March 18-20." So he won't be debating again.

The NY Times' Bob Herbert is despondent: "The Democrats are doing everything they can to blow this presidential election. This is a skill that comes naturally to the party. There is no such thing as a can't-miss year for the Democrats. They are truly gifted at finding ways to lose." He probably shouldn't watch this video showing a room of focus-group Democrats saying, sure, they could vote for John McCain.

I recall that somebody was ridiculing me when I said "a lot could change in eight months." Clearly, I meant eight weeks.

Extra - From Strata-Sphere.

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Anonymous said...

Not so much ridicule, as psychological advice.

Huge money advantage for Obama. Huge expansion of contested seats, which the GOP cannot afford. Huge increase in Dem voter registration, and GOP-to-Dem re-registrations (and not just the trick "prank the primary" ones). Huge disparity between the number of retiring Congressmen; a "rats/sinking ship" metaphor would no longer be too strong. Huge disparity in contested Senate seats (18-6 GOP/Dem). Every economic and political issue is now aligned against Bush's Republicans: "He's just killed the Republican brand" (Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va.)

Trendy optimism about the "civil war" within the Democratic Party will only leave you unprepared for the inevitable belly-punch, like Houdini was. For him, and you, there is no incredible escape.