Saturday, April 26, 2008

Speaking of Sunday morning - Here's the talkshow lineup and it's all Democrats. Undoubtably, the hot ticket will be Obama's facedown with Chris Wallace.


Anonymous said...

This just in on CNN…Over 40 gun crimes committed just this week in Chicago (mostly black Southside). At least 12 killed. What do they blame? Bad economy, the Iraq war, warm weather. WOW!?!

You won’t believe the response of the police department. They are bringing ina surge of extra police including SWAT teams armed with M-4’s.

As a matter of principle DEMs must insist the surge will fail. We must pull out of Chicago. The insurgents are killing at will. I am not willing that police forces remain in Chicago for 100 years.

Also, the money spent on police forces in Chicago could better be spent rebuilding New Orleans and giving free healthcare to lazy bums that won’t work.

If we atleast pull out half of Chicago’s police force by…say..August 25th. We can send them to Denver to hunt for Osama . Word on the street is that he will be at the DNC convention with Hamas to show his support for Barrack Obama.

Jumbo shrimp... deafening silence... small crowd... conservative satire... said...

Jay Leno? Is that you?

commoncents said...

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:::crickets::: said...

The sad part is that Post #3 is funnier than Post #1.

Is #1 anonymous because its author is in the Witless Protection Program?

Anonymous said...

"Jay Leno? Is that you?"

And you're the one with the eye-watering sense of humor, Jumbo-ass?
Get a life, troll.


You guys need a surge in emergency comedy writers said...

Awww, sounds like Snoop-Diggity didn't much like being pegged as a "troll" the other day.

"I know you are, but what am I?" powers... ACTIVATE!