Monday, April 28, 2008

Rev. Wright's Sanjaya moment

I listened to Barack Obama's former pastor's entire speech on C-Span Radio today and I don't think I've ever witnessed a more ham-handed, solipsistic, self-aggrandizing attempt to extend 15 minutes of fame since American Idol's Sanjaya wrapped his hair into a ponytail Mohawk. Naturally, I'm late for the party, but super-Obama supporter Andrew Sullivan has it right:

Obama needs not just to distance himself from Wright's views; he needs to disown him at this point. Wright himself, it seems to me, has become part of what Obama is fighting against: the boomer, Vietnam era's obsession with its red-blue, white-black, pro and anti-America fixations. That is not what this election needs to be about; and Wright's massive, racially divisive and, yes, bitter provocation requires a proportionate response.
Reverend Wright reminded us that this isn't about Reverend Wright; that it's not Reverend Wright being attacked but the Black Church. To which my reply is: that Black Church is crazy.

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