Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Bitter"-ness hurts - According to Contentions, Obama is edging Clinton in Philly but is getting absolutely clobbered in the rural areas. Apparently those "Alabama" voters found the time between Bible study sessions to go out and vote.


Anonymous said...

Clobbered in the rural areas? You mean, the way it was already expected to occur in January?

Clobbered? You mean Hillary wins Pennsylvania by 20% or 24%, instead of the 16% she already led the state by before the comments?

Or do you mean clobbered with soft pillows, having no appreciable effect?

JorgXMcKie said...

He means clobbered as in Obama outspent her 3-1 and still could't win much more than Philadelphia (narrowly) and Harrisburg. As in beat like a borrowed mule. As in beat like a red-headed step-child. As in beat so bad Obama has withdrawn from further debates, pleading "No mas, no mas." You know, clobbered.

Brian said...

Wow, I am going to defend Hillary.

When was Hillary ever "up?" The voting was today? Why would you give stock to any polls, because pollsters can manipulate the story. All one has to do is take poll, find out she is up by 10, say she is up by 20, and then the MSM can report that she won by 10 but actually lost, just as they are doing now.

Silliness, I tell you.

Alsom glad to see Obama get walloped int eh rural areas. Those are McCain voters.

Anonymous said...

You mean clobbered, as in spending one's opponent into crippling debt? You might just as well cackle that Hillary had to spend $5 million to pick up just 15 delegates in a state she had locked up since Day One. Remember, Reagan was once a tactical genius for drowning the Russkies in red ink.

Crying about how much Obama outspent his opponent is about to become a regular habit among Republicans, too. The underfunded GOP is going to be spending money it can't afford just to protect red territory.

Obama's now got 4 times the cash of the Clinton campaign, and 7% of the debt. Obama is $40 million in the black. Clinton's in negative numbers. And, unlike Clinton, Obama hasn't maxed out his contributors.

Obama lost PA. He lost by a large margin. But he took a blowout that would have been a disaster at this stage, and shaved it down to absorbable damage. The clock is his friend.

Is it being "clobbered" to close what had been a consensus 16/20-point point spread to 10% by early April? Judging by the polls and last night's results, Obama didn't lose a further inch to crazy reverend guy and bitterness and flag pins. And when this is done, he already has a war chest three times the size of McCain's.

That's very bad news for the GOP. Barack Obama's got all the hope, and no, you can't have any.

Anonymous said...

It's looking like 9%, and 10 delegates. That won't Git R Done.

The special election in Mississippi's 1st district is worth a look, too. From 66% Republican to 47% in 17 months.

Anonymous said...

Big, big congratulations to General Pyrrhus... er, I mean, to Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania is a closed primary.

In November the independents will be voting.

Between them and all the "Hillary or no one!" liars who will vote for a termite in November 2008 as long as it's a Democratic termite, Obama will win the state. (P.S. All the "Obama or no one!" poll people are full of it, too.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, dearie dearie dear... and now the PA results are showing that the percentage points Barack took away from Hillary's lead DIDN'T come from his "strongholds" of Philly and Pittsburgh.

Obama's mini-surge came entirely from the "T." Those rural areas with "Alabama" voters. Those God-fearin', gun-totin', flag-wavin' folks in McCain territory were SO offended by the insulting tone of Obama's "bitter" comments that they singlehandedly knocked out 45-55% of Clinton's original margin of advantage.

Boy oh boy, Obama got CLOBBERED. The Dems are in real trouble now.

Anonymous said...

"The Dems are in real trouble now."

Yeah. Because it's clearly all over now, isn't it? No more contention or bitterness: just unity and hope for change (of underwear) in the democratic party.

John McCain must be wetting his pants about now. Oh wait. He's getting a good night's rest while the Losercrats settle on their latest plan to snatch failure from the jaws of victory.

Pass the popcorn.


Anonymous said...

Duh! It's politics, Diggity. Contention and bitterness is bread and butter. Or do you think Bush and McCain really are BFFs? You think Rush doesn't throw up in his mouth while whoring for the Straight Talk Express?

It's not just that the devastating Democratic conflict is going to be meaningless once Obama makes it "official." But saying there will be residual bitterness on the Clinton side is an indictment as searing as pointing out that heavyweight matches give the boxers headaches.

Besides, what's the wingnuts' dream scenario here? That McCain can somehow squeak through and inherit a solid blue Congress? What's that, the audacity of hopelessness?

However, we do NOT want the Republicans to lose that dim glimmer of ambition. C'mon, these are the Losercrats! You've got a REAL shot here! Stay optimistic! It'll make it so much funnier.

But lay off the popcorn. GOPers are already going to have enough dry throat this winter.