Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A new dawn in Zimbabwe - This is the most up-to-date report I could find: "Endgame in Zimbabwe as Robert Mugabe nears exit" He's probably busy ripping out the copper wire from the presidential palace, but as long as he goes, Zimbabwe has a chance.

Today's Boston Globe reveals how the usual vote-rigging was thwarted:

One simple reform made it clear that a majority rejected Mugabe after 28 years of his disastrous misrule: This weekend, each of the country's 9,000 polling stations posted its own tally. Opposition poll observers and the general public were able to see and add up the separate vote totals. So the Mugabe-controlled electoral commission could not receive all the unannounced local results, perform an unmonitored count, and proclaim that the 84-year-old despoiler of the nation had been reelected.
"Despoiler of the nation" - not exactly the thing you want to see on your gravestone.

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Pat Patterson said...

I doubt if there is any copper wire left considering the dire straits Zimbabwe is in and the demand for such wire for garrottes. But I'm sure that somewhere there is some Zimbabwean saving his last two coppers to help Mr. Mugabe to the other side.