Monday, September 01, 2008

What I miss? - Just got back from camping in Vermont and, wouldn't you know it, about a minute after I crossed the border the random shuffle of my car's CD player picked "Massachusetts" by the Bee Gees.

Update - So that's what I missed: "Palin's teen daughter is pregnant." Uh, OK.

More - This seems to be the only topic they're covering over at Memeorandum.

Extra - Patterico: "Privacy for me, but not for thee"

Link dump - Sometimes I think camping is 90% of work interrupted by 10% of sitting around a fire sipping a beer. Tonight I had to dry out the tent (still damp) and put away the cots, flashlights, and coolers. So for more on Sarah Palin, check out Althouse, Betsy, Maggie's Farm, and Beldar.

Back to work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

It's disgusting when people invade the privacy of children, just to inflict political damage.

Eric said...

I think you're quite aware that it was the Democrats who thrust Graeme Frost out on the stage and cried that the Republicans wanted to take away his government-subsidized healthcare. (See: Sept. 2007 Democratic radio address)

That was before it was discovered that the extended Frost family (his grandparents) is loaded, the father had his own business, and the family had a 3,000 square foot home and a Volvo SUV among many other assets.

Anonymous said...

It's beneath contempt to exploit an innocent person's private medical condition for partisan purposes.

Anonymous said...

Wow: Sarah Palin is about to become a grandma - but she's still a bad ass

Anonymous said...

What kind of sickness drives a political commentator to speculate about an underaged person's sexual history or motivations?