Friday, September 12, 2008

Charlie don't surf the Internet

Is this what Obama's campaign has come to? He's ridiculing John McCain because he doesn't know how to use a computer.

Well, I know that a President has to prepare PowerPoint presentations for foreign leaders such as "You can't have your nukes and eat too" and balance the budget with Excel. But then a President has a lot of helpers, too. I think this attack is what the kids today call "lame." Or "boss" - I forget.

Extra - John Judis on the Plank: "Which voters exactly are gong to be outraged by the fact that McCain doesn't know how to use a computer?" I'm sure all the senior citizens in the country are glad to hear that if you can't send email, you're old and busted.

More - Instapundit: "...a combination of cluelessness, sloppiness, and narcissism."


Anonymous said...

It's the first volley in turning "experienced" into "geezer," figure it out. The money hammer is coming down.

Anyone who supports a candidate who's blasted Obama for being all famous and stuff like Paris Hilton has voided their standing to tsk-tsk over "what Obama's campaign has come to."

Besides, isn't it about personality, not issues? Your bobo's spokesman said so.

Anonymous said...

I guess Charlie does't remember the Boston Gloge article 8 years ago regarding McCain's physical injuries which occured during his vist to the Hanoi Hilton. H/T to Hot Air

Anonymous said...

Obama is the first politician ever in American history to try to go out and lose the AARP vote.

Anonymous said...

John McCain was injured at the Hanoi Hilton? Why haven't we heard anything about this before?

Anonymous said...

To the first comment, huh?

Yep Jim, its a loser strategy, make fun of seniors? But didn't they try this with Reagan? I can't recall if Mondale tried it.

I'm kind of bummed they will probably pull this ad. It's a negative ad for *Obama*.

- Private Radio

Hey, Viking, curious if your traffic numbers are up. I bet they are. I still visit couple times a week.

Eric said...

Yeah, traffic is up quite a bit. This happens every election season.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #3--
Reagan was far more popular than McCain; people forgave him more. Compare them at your peril. Polling has indicated all year that McCain's age and health are a concern to voters.

Also, if Reagan had gone down, the fallback would have been George H.W. Bush. True, Bush Sr. may not have been the dynamic supreme commander-in-chief of the Alaskan National Guard. But he had some other career experience that made him more palatable.