Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Amazing Snub

I saw parts of the Emmys Sunday night, and apparently I was the only one. I'm tempted to opine that viewers avoided the annual award show because they thought: Election Year + vapid celebrities = a night of political haranguing. It wasn't quite that bad, although the political persuasions - sorry, "persuasion" singular - was glaringly obvious. Here comes Martin Sheen! Wonder what he'll say?

And now to vent. The other night the Emmys handed out its sixth-consecutive reality show award to the greatest show on TV: The Amazing Race. Also, this was the first year they handed out an Emmy for reality show host and TAR's Phil Keoghan was not among the nominees. Instead the hosts worthy of a nomination included a guy who opens briefcases and four others who put on, by all accounts, the worst opening in the history of award shows.

You the man, Phil of the arched eyebrow. New Amazing Race (season 13!) starts Sunday, September 28th.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of vapid political harangers hemorrhaging their audience, have you checked out the newest ABC/WSJ poll? Obama up by 9 among likely voters, 10 among registered voters. This amazing race may be nearing its end.