Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The nanny state cometh - Good article by Jeff Jacoby in today's Boston Globe "Let government mind your business": "Eternal vigilance, Americans once understood, is the price of liberty. Well, that was then. Americans today are busy absorbing more important lessons. Like "put out that cigarette." And "pull up your pants."


Unknown said...

I see no evidence Americans are learning to pull up their pants. In fact, the latest fashions seem to reinforce their pernicious desire to wear their waistbands around their knees.

skeneogden said...

This is the price we pay for lack of a moral foundation. It seems that more and more of our fellow citizens are willing to submit to government nannying for a few crumbs and a warm bed.

I am saddened for our country and the problems we are leaving for our children and grandchildren because of our narcissism.

Anonymous said...

Good thing I'm not a narcissist. Or else I might start making sweepng pronouncements about the whole country failing to comply with my standards.