Saturday, September 27, 2008

The overnight analysis

Slate: "Tie goes to Obama"
Politico: "The Mac is back"
Byron York: "Barack Obama plays Mr. Nice Guy - and loses - in the first debate."
Joe Klein: "Obama wins debate"
Jennifer Rubin is emphatic about "The Winner":

Only the most devoted partisan could deny it was a very, very strong outing for John McCain. On foreign policy he was devastating - making clear how much more resolute and experienced he is. On the bailout and domestic policy he more than held his own. He may have climbed back into this race. For Obama he I think did not answer key questions on the surge and on direct meetings with Ahmadinejad. I imagine the McCain camp is hugely relieved.
CNN rebroadcast most of the debate and I managed to catch up. To use the well-worn sports metaphors, there were no knockout punches or home runs: if you like McCain, you thought he did fine and if you support Obama you felt likewise.

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Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow says the debate was a disaster for John McCain. But the equally fairminded Drudge Report poll has McCain slightly ahead by 38%.

I just won't know WHAT to think until I hear what Donna Brazile and Bill Kristol have to say.