Thursday, January 07, 2010

You screwed up, America. You trusted him.

I think this post title from AoSHQ says it all: "Remember When Obama Said He Wouldn't Raise Taxes On Those Making Less Than $250K? Let Me Be Perfectly Clear, He Lied"

The topic at hand is Obama's support for a 40% tax on "Cadillac" health care plans, a large majority of which are held by union members, who will most assuredly see the cost passed on to them. And, via Politico, here's "Ex-Obama supporter slams president for flip-flop on Cadillac tax." Golly, if only a group of Representatives who need to face the voters every two years would listen to their constituents. What a world that would be!


L J said...

I have a question, just curious, but can anybody tell me what a "cadillac" plan actually is, is going to be?

That is, what it will be under the socialcratic definition.

Eric said...

I think it's a personal plan over 5K and a family plan over 23K. The problem is that union members regularly give up wages in exchange for these plans, which will surely disappear once they're taxed heavily.