Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can she grab defeat from the jaws of victory? I think she can! - Over at Legal Insurrection, Bill Jacobson writes on the MA special election: "The Democratic primary may have produced the single worst candidate for a hotly contested statewide election in this environment."

Two weeks ago, I never thought that Coakley could blow her lead in deep-blue Massachusetts (one "e.") But she started measuring the drapes, then ducked a head-to-head debate, then started going negative on a lieutenant colonel in the National Guard, then dunned a bunch of lobbyists for cash. No wonder the special interests are pouring money into the race.

From my vantage point here in Western Mass, all the enthusiasm is on Brown's side. Meanwhile, even the union guys holding up Coakley signs are voting for Brown (H/T Hot Air):

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