Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big night - Over 1000 unique visits for Viking Pundit tonight! I guess it helps when you're the only blogger of consequence in Western Massachusetts. Thanks for the links, everyone.


Anonymous said...

I've lived in Massachusetts much of my life, and I always thought of the western part of the state (except maybe a bubble around Williams College) as being old-time New England Republican/Independent (what they used to call Rockefeller Republicans).

Here's the map of this election:


The whole far west went for Coakley. What happened in the last 20 years? Have all the little independent towns and farms been bought up by retired hippies from Cambridge and Brookline?

Eric said...

Well, Martha Coakley was from North Adams, for what it's worth.

Brian said...

Good work over the last few days, Eric. It is appreciated out here in New Mexico, where me and a few buddies of mine have been watching this election with great interest.

Obamacare is dead, thanks to Senator Brown. As far as I am concerned, he has already done his job, and has done it quite well.

Anonymous said...

And humble, too, by the sounds of it. Jeesh