Saturday, January 16, 2010

The people's seat - Politico: "Enthusiasm gap in Mass. Senate race."

Here's one report, via Red Mass Group (in the comments):
Alright, I just got back from making calls for Scott Brown. I made hundreds of calls and had only one, ONE, person tell me they would not vote for Brown.
To be fair, I did get voicemails and etc... but I talked to a lot of people tonight and most were excited to hear from me. Can you imagine that? EXCITED to hear from a tele-marketer!? Many said not only are they voting for SB but so is most of their family and just about everyone they know.
I was expecting to take my lumps on the phone but it was actually a really energizing experience.
Scott Brown is coming around Western Mass tomorrow and I'm thinking about skipping church to make an eyewitness report. But that's not's a dilemma.


Brian said...


Find another mass time ad give us a first-hand report. I think we need your first hand account, because it is more trustworthy than the Globe's/

Anonymous said...

I have an older friend who was complaining that she got 6 robocalls from Brown in one day. It had really pissed her off.

Eric said...

Anon: I can understand, since I hate home phone calls in general. But I think all the political money that would have been spent in a national campaign is flowing into this critical race. The TV here in Western Mass is wall-to-wall political commercials.

Anonymous said...

Not just Western Mass, the commercials are everywhere in the eastern part of the state as well.

The unfortunate part of the robocalls is that it killed any chance I had of convincing her to vote for Brown. She's going with Kennedy instead as a protest vote for all the attention and knows of several others doing the same.