Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cornhusker kickback craziness continues - Politico is reporting that Senator Ben Nelson has been contacting the state attorney generals, asking them to hold off on legal action against Nebraska's special Medicaid exemption in the current health care legislation. The pitch? The possibly unconstitutional deal is a "placeholder" and that Medicaid exemption will be extended to the other states.

The Nebraska exemption is/was estimated to cost $100 million over 10 years so, if the Medicaid deal is extended to all 50 states...well, you do the math. Tom Maguire echoes my thoughts on this special deal that's special for everyone: there is no fiscal reality to this health care legislation. It's all smoke and mirrors to fool the CBO and pass something, anything.

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Eirik said...

It's not just multiplying $100 million by 50, is it? Looking it up, Nebraska is 39th in population with less than 1,750,000 people. There are large cities in some states with more people. That dollar amount is going to climb to the sky.