Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SOTU snap analysis - I can't give this justice so here's some thoughts that come to mind: the President's rebuke of the Supreme Court, sitting ten feet away, was jarring. Agree or disagree with the legal argument, this seemed to cross a line of decorum. Second, blaming Bush is Obama's ultimate coping mechanism, which allows him to dismiss the ocean of red ink that Obama alone has created. Finally, the tone was hectoring, combative nonsense where Democrats shouldn't run scared from health care and Republicans can't just be a party of "no."

And why not? In a democracy, why shouldn't Representatives - you know - represent the views of their constituents? Health care is unpopular across the board but Obama wants everybody to bend to his will, although (despite all evidence) not for him. Heavens no!

If health care reform is an issue whose time has come, Obama should be able to easily make the case for reform in the full glare of the C-Span cameras. Didn't he say that it was a fight he wanted to have? Instead, every move is shrouded in secrecy and buried into a 2,000+ page bill, read by nobody, and propped up with backdoor deals.

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