Saturday, January 23, 2010

Western Massachusetts update - Never Yet Melted: "Weeping into their cappuccinos in Amherst." (H/T Maggies Farm).


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Scott Brown, a conservative who'll have half a term of incumbency when he runs for reelection against Not Coakley in a state with 12% registered Reoublicans in a full Presidential election.

There figures to be a lot of tear-salted... brewskis, I guess, or hot joe, or whatever it is only real Amurricans drink.

The comedy is in the dour Cambridge liberal who thinks she's now "isolated." Whereas the "carrot cake muffin" and "skim milk latte" observational gems are written by, and for, hacks.

Eric said...

Quite true, but in the meantime we will almost certainly gain a Republican governor in 2010 and, if you believe the Boston Globe, a couple more GOP Congressmen.

Also, I think your premise assumes Obams's coattails will drag voters to the polls in 2012. Thanks for the "good luck" but I don't think Scott will need it.

Anonymous said...

A Republican Governor in Massachusetts? No way! That's only been the case for 18 of the past 20 years. A switch like that would be SEISMIC!

It's not Obama. Almost a million fewer Massachusetts voters cast ballots in the special election, compared to the 2008 Presidential race. Scott Brown's vote total was about the same as John McCain's in '08 and George W. Bush's in '04, and it was in proportion with the '00 results. Maybe 900,000+ voters from the Gore/Kerry/Obama camp will be down for Brown, but I wouldn't bet my carrot cake muffin on it.

If you believe the Boston Globe's polling, Senator-elect Coakley won by 15 to 17 points. But there's no reason not to be optimistic. Mass. Democrats certainly can't gain a House seat from the GOP.

Eric said...

Wait, are you saying the Boston Globe distorted and/or ignored polls results to meet their own preference? Sounds like a post (below).

Anonymous said...

Are you saying the Globe's preference means they're rooting for Democratic Senate gains but GOP House gains?

I'm saying it's a bad month to be leaning on the Globe's long-distance acumen. Unless their pollsters all have hyperopia.