Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Last word - From Victor Davis Hanson on "Obama's broken health-care promise": "I don't think I can recall in recent political history a serial public vow that was so flagrantly and cynically renounced."

Which raises a good question: why is President Prolix suddenly so quiet on the transparency (or lack thereof) in the legislative process? If there's a rational explanation why a closed conference is good for democracy, I'd like to hear it.


Anonymous said...

Nobody's saying those aren't good ideas. Transparency and accountability, reduce wasteful spending, work for bipartisanship, react more quickly and skillfully to terror, end the no-strings-attached bailouts, improve Social Security, etc.

It's just that after spending eight years being tortured in an undisclosed location, those deep and abiding conservative principles don't pack the same rhetorical zing that they used to.

Eric said...

Yeah, we should have known that "hope and change" had no chance against the challenge of turning on C-Span. Dang you, Cheney!

Anonymous said...

2009: "A massive intelligence screwup! Heads must roll!"

2004: "Here's your Medal of Freedom, Mr. Tenet."