Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey big spenders - Via the Corner, here's a fact check for the President: "Over 12 years of Republican rule [in Congress], there was an average annual budget deficit of about $104 billion. Compare that with an average annual deficit since 2008 of $1.074 trillion - or about $90 billion per month."Bold


John said...

Obama has already denied this is occurring.

So there. Ergo, its not happening. Nope, nothing to see here, reality has been altered, history revising complete, we have alway been at war with Eurasia. Move along now.

Orthodoxy is unconsciousness said...

The President of Oceania speaks!

"We came in already with a $1.3 trillion deficit before I had passed any law. What is true is we came in with $8 trillion worth of debt over the next decade -- had nothing to do with anything that we had done. It had to do with the fact that in 2000 when there was a budget surplus of $200 billion, you had a Republican administration and a Republican Congress, and we had two tax cuts that weren't paid for.

You had a prescription drug plan -- the biggest entitlement plan, by the way, in several decades -- that was passed without it being paid for. You had two wars that were done through supplementals. And then you had $3 trillion projected because of the lost revenue of this recession. That's $8 trillion.

Now, we increased it by a trillion dollars because of the spending that we had to make on the stimulus. I am happy to have any independent fact-checker out there take a look at your presentation versus mine in terms of the accuracy of what I just said."