Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Health care mess - Stuart Varney is declaring "health care reform is dead." Good.

Update - Politico: "The fallout: Democrats rethinking health care bill." Ah, self-preservation rears its head.

More - The Obamacare exodus. Suck it, Ezra Klein.

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Anonymous said...

Instant Media Meme Complication #1:
According to Rasmussen, more Coakley voters (63%) said health care was the most important factor in determining their vote than Brown voters did (52%). According to Research 2000, 60% of Massachusetts Obama voters who voted for Brown said the health care bill "doesn't go far enough." Among Mass. Obama voters who didn't vote at all, 84% said the bill "doesn't go far enough." (Overall, Brown picked up 18% of the Obama voters.) 38% of registered independents said the bill "doesn't go far enough"; 20% said it "goes too far."

Instant Media Meme Complication #2:
The "I got mine, you can suck eggs" factor. "Why would we subsidize and why would we pay more for something we already have?" asked Senator-elect Scott Brown. Which, in fairness, makes total sense in the context of a Massachusetts election. Inflating the same premise into a national referendum is a less direct equation.