Monday, July 05, 2004

Arch Pundit says: “It’s Gephardt

Viking Pundit says: “No way

Who’s right? Apparently, we’ll know in a couple days.

Update: Jayson at Polipundit is also baffled by the potential Gephardt pick. As for me, I’ll repeat: this is a head fake. It’s a sop to Big Labor. Nobody ever gains the Presidency by running on the Washington ticket and between Kerry and Gephardt (zzzzzzzzzzzz) – oops, sorry, I dozed off there – they’ve spent a half-century inside the Beltway.

A long time ago, I predicted North Carolina governor Mike Easley, but now I’m thinking it’s gotta be Vilsack. Midwest, moderate, outside the Beltway (e.g. no Congressional votes to contradict with Senator Splunge), and governor of a critical election state.

However, I’ll be pleasantly surprised to be wrong. Kerry-Gephardt is a losing ticket.


Brian said...


Remember, Itold you it was Gephardt 3 months ago, and you will owe me major props soon....Brian at Tomfoolery

Eric said...

Brian, I'll give you super-hyper props if this is right. I just can't believe it. We'll see.