Monday, July 19, 2004

Security breach

I was preparing to add my two cents to the uranium story, with links to William Safire’s “Sixteen Truthful Words,” Michael Barone’s “The ‘Bush Lied’ folks can’t be taken seriously” and Richard Benedetto’s “Where are Democrats and the media — now that Bush may have been right?

But now word is just coming off the wires that Bill Clinton’s National Security Advisor (and John Kerry's foreign policy advisor) Sandy Berger removed, and possibly lost, documents relating to the 9/11 investigation. According to the AP, Berger’s been informed that he is the subject of a criminal investigation.

We’ll know better tomorrow the extent of Berger’s transgressions. Until then, Kevin Patrick’s comments ring true: if Berger was a Republican, the New York Times would be frantically re-setting their front page headline for tomorrow. We’ll see the response from the Democrats and the Kerry campaign tomorrow, but my guess is it will be “muted.”
Update - The NYT doesn’t disappoint: “Sandy Berger story is on page one of USA Today. New York Times? A-17, in a small box, on the bottom of the page--the last possible point for news in the paper. (The editorial pages begin on 18.) What does the paper than claims "All the News That's Fit to Print" have on the front page instead? A story on untucked shirts as a fashion statement.”


Brian said...


You ain't kidding. If this were Condi Rice, every rag in the country would have the headline, "CondiGate" by tomorrow. It would be a media frenzy that would make Joe Wilson look like a guy who made page 16A of the Argus Leader.

Jayson said...


I believe that the New York Times wanted to run a more prominent story on the criminal investigation into borderline treasonous conduct by the former National Security Advisor to Democratic President Bill Clinton and the current informal advisor to Democratic nominee John Kerry. It's just that -- ahem -- a rogue editor stuffed the draft of the story into his or her pants and socks, and then "lost" the original, handwritten notes on which the story was to have based.

It sucks when that happens, no?